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👋 Hey-there!

Wow, hot dammmn, thanks so much for considering to support my work! 🙇🏻‍♀️🤩

I'm Annie, Front-end Engineering Lead at a teeny tiny super cool start-up in Toronto. I'm a duo Designer/Developer 🦄 and absolutely LOVE what I do!!! It wasn't always this way, and I took a windy road to get here. (Curious? You can read how I got started in this article.)

On this blog, I share my experiences and learnings as a developer in the tech industry. Besides my challenging full-time job, I have various side hustles so I write sporadically, but do my best to pack my articles with lots of valuable info that you can apply to your career.

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I wanna help you become the best dev and version of yourself you can be, because life's too short to be mediocre, and the world will be a better place for it! 💪

If you've liked some of my articles or other content and wish to sponsor my efforts, I'm super flattered! As you know, writing quality articles and content creation takes time, so your support means a lot! Let's get comfy and thanks so much in advance for treating me to a cuppa tea or two! Earl Grey is my favourite, with shortbread on the side. 🥰

Tea cheers! 🥂🍵

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